Workato – simplifying enterprise integration

"Instead of using expensive or complex enterprise workflow or integration tools, Workato’s goal has been to simplify the process so that non-technical end users could create integrations on their own, putting together “recipes” that created workflows, like IFTTT has done on the consumer level." - Techcrunch

In late 2014, I was privileged to be given the opportunity to work together again with my former Qik CEO, Vijay Tella who's now onto his fourth startup.

It was a then a stealth iPhone project with extremely tight timelines. Working remotely from halfway round the world then, I partnered hand in hand with co-founder and VP of Product Gautham and his team as we put together a prototype from ideation, sketches to inVision in a couple of days.

The motivation for the mobile app was an extension of the main website. We had learnt from out Beta users that owners and managers who like to do simple, quick integrations and track their business activities on the go. It was meant to be lightweight, with the assumption that the bulk of recipe creation and integration setup are done mainly on the desktop web version.

Over a year's worth of development and several partnerships later (including one with Apple), Workato iPhone app makes it easy for anyone to connect their multiple apps and automate repeating and often tedious tasks.

It makes use of pre-built automation "recipes" that covers a wide range of businesses including retail, restaurant, field services, health and non-profit. The core benefit of Workato is its seamless and easy-to-use integrations - all without code or an IT team. 

Another benefit of the Workato iPhone app tracks critical business events across all the connected apps. Small business owners and managers now have a holistic view of what is happening across their business right on their iPhone, without hopping across different apps to track.

Here's a version of an early inVision prototype.