With the release of iPhone 4 and new mobile devices that summer, it changed the way how people share their lives. Mobile phones became personal cameras and there was a growing trend of ‘food photography’ — whereby people would snap a picture of their food before they eat. With the rise of social media, people were willingly sharing everything about their lives and was also causing a lot of clutter.  We believed that Burpple could be one dedicated network for food lovers.
 We returned to Singapore and together with co-founder Daniel and a lean engineering team, we built rapid prototypes and pushed to market a new release almost every 2 weeks. I led the Burpple mobile product team from its paper-prototype to executing actual pixels. We always had the end user in mind while designing the experience, and wanted to take design to the next level, having experienced great success earlier with Qik.   - Work:  Burpple for Android, the most gorgeous food app on Google Play Store    Burpple was one of the few impressive ‘Singapore-made’ apps and was widely lauded by users and the media. A few months later, Apple and Google took notice of Burpple and featured it as one of the top Food and Drinks app across several countries in the Asia-Pacific region.  Innovative ,  aesthetically-pleasing  and  user-friendly  were some of the key design differences that made Burpple stand out from the rest.
 Being a part of the founding team of a startup, I got to play multiple roles. While leading product design, I was also involved in executing g uerrilla  marketing campaigns. With cutting-edge, out-of-the-box content, Burpple started to make a splash in the local scene. A catchy ‘How to Order Kopi Like a Pro’ infographic was shared and viewed by more than 2 million people in Singapore. Burpple’s name became almost synonymous with ‘Kopi’ (means coffee in Singapore).  In August 2013, we released a food guide titled ‘20 Cafes To Visit in Singapore’ that would go on to be viewed by millions of people. This helped us understand that while people shared one food post at a time, people who browse and discover new things love it more when content is presented in a consolidated list-format, guided by the best of recommendations. This would later become an integral part of Burpple's evolution.
 What started out as a food journal to benefit the self and friends has evolved into a social food guide that would benefit a whole community in a city. A year since its first launch, Burpple has become the leading food app in Singapore, and plans to expand into 3 other major cities in Asia by end of 2014.  Today, Burpple guides people to great food and the best restaurants for every occasion. Everyday, it is used by thousands of people documenting and sharing their great dining experiences, curating them into useful lists of food guides. Somewhere along the journey,  Burpple has changed the way people discover and recommend great food, and is shaping the future of social food publishing and discovery.   Download Burpple for iPhone on the  iTunes App Store .   
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